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There’s a little thing that our local GO 96.3 Radio is currently running called GO Fest 2015 Poster Design Contest. You can easily see my entry as the first poster showcased in this contest. My poster design consists of heavy and modern typography backed by a mixture of quasi-abstract graphic and imagery associated with music concert at Target Field. The colors were chosen to convey the variety of vibrant artists performing their songs during nighttime. Check out my poster below; you can click to view the poster at larger size in my portfolio:

GO Fest Poster copy

I am not the only one with badass design, of course. The other few entries has caught my eyes as something just as brilliant as mine with very different ideas and approach. There is a public voting going on to determine which posters are the Top 5 before the final decision to determine the Grand Prize Winner.

My thoughts on the designs by everyone else:

  • Corey Sweeter – Very nice idea that got bogged down by somewhat weak illustration. This potential with a huge pile of audio technologies in midst of Target Field setting could be benefited by a cleaner design.
  • Vanessa Vensas – Clean and colorful and quite pop-art-like in good ways, but the design is just too simple and plain and visually uninteresting. The poster needs more than just spotlights and downtown and flat colors.
  • Coley Lind – Good uses of comic-book aesthetics and format. The application of colors is solid, but all the poster shows are Minneapolis’ downtown skyline, Target Field, and the audiences. Something more creative and/or exciting is needed to be added to the poster.
  • Melanie Rodriguez – There is an idea in the poster, but it is sorely underutilized. What do the pigeon on a stoplight has to do with music? The poster feels bland and unexciting because of it.
  • Britt Madson – I really like the potentials with honest-to-goodness hand-drawn imagery. There are too many empty spaces around the whole design, though. Maybe the poster would benefits from adding a background of Minneapolis’ downtown skyline or Target Field.
  • Justin Boehne – One of my two favorite entries from my competitors! The combination of illustration and design are spot-on and the colors are appropriately fitting and consistent. I just wish there is something in the background to make the poster feels aesthetically strong. A definite Top 5.
  • Matthew Erickson – Cool combination of modern and retro designs, inspired by fantasy folklores. Good use of typography, layout, illustration. The background is nice, but need something more eye-popping. A definite Top 5.
  • MJ Heubach – Smart design that takes advantage of the poster’s limited color palettes. The GO FEST ’15 as a cloud over the downtown location is inspired and cool. The layout needs work with too much empty space around the entire design. Typography also needs to be fixed as its layout is visually weak. A definite Top 5.
  • TJ Koziol – I am not sure what’s the idea is in this poster. The execution is weak with some texts and information superimposed over a simple Minneapolis’ skyline.
  • See Murals – The hand-drawn illustration here is brilliant, possibly the best of bunch. The visual is bit too grungy, but it is still very fitting with music aspects of event. Digital coloring and typographical layout needs some works, but it is a very solid and cool effort. A definite Top 5.
  • Meghan Callahan – Nice composition of graphic, illustration, and digital works. Colors are good, but the typography is clunky and poorly used.

As for my poster… It’s perfect :D Nah, just kidding! Now that I think about it, my poster probably could have included the Minneapolis’ downtown skyline behind Target Field and maybe change the color red-orange to something bit closer to orange-red… Oh well. When I submitted my work, I felt that’s the best I could do within the time I was given and I still feel that way.

Good luck to all involved!

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