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Audacious Adventure of A'lek



Conceptual artwork for the upcoming webcomic about a big-haired jerk and his daily mishaps with life as he embarks on an epic quest of acquiring the missing ingredient for his favorite drink, Extreme Espresso! Traveling across various lands in a rip-roaring adventure of highjinks, drama, and totally bad cases of random absurdities. Aided by bizarre allies and challenged by even more dangerously bizarre enemies, nothing and I do mean nothing will stop A'lek from achieving peace, justice, and a delicious cup of java! The artwork may or may not reflect the final art direction of the comic.

The series of almost-daily mostly-single-panel webcomic about A'lek and his almost-daily thoughts and/or adventures, filled with hilarity and randomness and just plainly bad English. The series is currently being run on my Facebook account and this website.

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