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Graphic Design

Promotional postcards/handouts for Bellagala's Disc Jockey and Photography services. The unique layouts were inspired by Bellagala's previous attempts at gorgeous visual style, photo collages of wedding events, and brick facades of the various event centers in the Twin Cities. Photographs and details are the primary focus for highlighting Bellagala's professional service in delivering beautiful and unique weddings. The photographs are property of Bellagala.

The project focused on creating several booklets for over 50 of Bellagala's wedding event sites across the Twin Cities' areas. The booklets consist of various wedding programs and their host location/building. The main visual focus of the project is the collage of wedding couples in the midst of celebrating their matrimony. The photos are supported by supplemental details and colors of the wedding events, highlighting their unique celebrations and give identity to their newly-formed unions. The layout was developed as an update to time-tested wedding albums with modern sensibility. The elegant layout creates visual stability, allowing the readers to browse fluidly from one photograph to next. One of several spotlights showcased here is for Bellagala's sister company, A'BULAE. The photographs are property of Bellagala.

A simple, yet elegant, "Thank You" card made for Bellagala's sister company, A'BULAE. The striking graphic in the background were inspired by A'BULAE's website and supplied by Bellagala.

A postcard-sized promotional material made for Bellagala's Event Lighting service. Several spotlights were made for different event sight, demonstrating Bellagala's flexibility in using the lighting technology at any wedding event. One of several spotlights showcased here is for Landmark Center, a popular event site in St. Paul. The photographs are property of Bellagala.

A trial project assigned by wedding service company, Bellagala, for their Graphic Design Internship. The project demonstrates how I interpret Bellagala's brand and how I integrate the layout, images, texts, and colors together into a clearly defined advertisement. The photograph in background and Bellagala's logo were some of several assets provided and owned by Bellagala. The result of project has earned me the internship with Bellagala.

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